Celebrate your inner Goddess

Goddess Celebration is a day dedicated to the Goddess in all women, designed to pamper, empower, and promote positive play.

AUGUST 5TH, 2017 12-7:30 PM – Malibu, Ca

Featured Speaker

Caitlin Crosby • Founder, The Giving Keys

Caitlin is an actress, singer, songwriter and entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about inspiring others. Growing up in Hollywood and in a family that lived and breathed the entertainment industry, Caitlin wanted to rebel, inspiring people to embrace their so-called imperfections, changing our perspective to see flaws as beautiful. While on tour for her first album “Flawz” in 2009, Caitlin started giving and selling keys with inspiring messages like FEARLESS, BELIEVE or COURAGE to people struggling. The wearer of the words are encouraged to embrace their word, then Pay It Forward by giving their product to a person who needs the message more. Seeing the potential of spreading positivity around the world, she started The Giving Keys, a jewelry company that has since provided more than 70 job opportunities to those affected by homelessness. Today, there are more than 70 employees and their products are sold at Nordstrom, Ron Robinson, ASOS, Starbucks, and over 1,200 other retail stores around the world.

Playful Experiences with Powerful Impact

The Experience

GODDESS is first and foremost a playful exodus for women to let loose, be pampered, and share positive connections in an open, judgement-free space. Goddess also offers yoga, meditation, special guest speakers, live music, playshops, such as, acro yoga, pole dancing, aerial silks, hula hoop, and more.  Guests are also treated to complimentary cocktails, gourmet eats, and a some light shopping with our women-powered vendors.  What truly stands out at a Goddess retreat is the volunteer team of masked men, affectionately called the “man-servants,” who are there to silently serve throughout the day, offering complimentary massage, foot bath, body painting, and more.  Come and enjoy your Goddess experience.

The Location

Our private Malibu location offers the perfect local get-a-way for a day of pampering and play.  Enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean as you lounge poolside with a refreshing drink after a full day of activities.  Most of our time is spent outdoors in the sun so come prepared with a towel and sunscreen.  We have a bag check and changing rooms for our Goddesses who plan on taking advantage of all the Goddess has to offer.  It is also important that we do our part to take care of Mother Nature, and leave no traces.  Put trash where it belongs, and whenever possible, reduce waste all together.  Please help us eliminate the use of single-use plastic bottles by bringing your own reusable water bottle.

The Intention

The intention of Goddess Celebration is to provide a rejuvenating and authentic experience that encourages sisterhood, empowers feminine leadership and entrepreneurship, and celebrates women in all their beautiful forms.

The Men

This event is for women only, with the one exception of our volunteer team of “man-servants.”  This role is both playful, and a powerful part to the Goddess experience.  These men have been well vetted, and are fully committed to honoring and serving our guests in a way that is often unfamiliar and unavailable in everyday life.  This makes the experience all the more impactful for both the men and the women. By being present without speaking our man-servants allow the women to receive without the need to reciprocate. The goal is to create a safe space that is supportive, yet indulgent.

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